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TAWERT S.A. is a company dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of wines of high quality to be enjoyed from all over the world consumers.

Our Philosophy

Orientation to the client

The nucleus of everything are our clients and consumers. We make an effort to be innovative in the form that we respond to the changing necessities of our clients. Innovation is the road to respond satisfactorily to these necessities, since the client informs us of each aspect of the development of our business and marks, ally to the marketing to give the distribution chain and logistics.


Tawert is committed to the continuous improvement of our commercial processes, to maximize our social, environmental and economic impacts in positive form. We are also aware of the necessity of reducing to the minimum our environmental print where it is possible. We make this because we know that to continue growing the respect it should be maintained in those environments, demonstrating corporate responsibility.

We supervise our sustetabilidad in four key areas: work place, market, environment and in the community.

Tawer and their People

Our people are innovative, passionate and energetic-working as a team with a culture of high yield. Tawert offers a wide portfolio of career opportunities.

Tawert this committed one with the creation of 'an inspiring place for work' that attracts and retain expert people. Our people are the key for the organization and form one of the three strategic objectives, to be:

The personnel of Tawert comes from different experiences and personal circumstances. In Tawert we recognize and we value this diversity and the equality of opportunities. Besides our politicians that clearly express our commitment with those principles, we have put emphasis in place programs and processes to make sure that our personnel reflects this diversity of the community.

The objective Tawert is to maintain a great competitiveness in external form, staying internally equally, keeping in mind the interpretation and demonstration of values and group behaviors. We make an effort to reward in fair and equal form to all the employees.

Tawert made this real to their people's development. We know that our investment in the employee's development has a direct impact in the achievement of our commercial objectives and the profitable growth of our business. We provide our employees of opportunities of high quality, to direct their individual development to build their capacity for the interpretation and to create a place of inspiring work.

Tawert S.A. provide information of its products for people qualified by its age to consume spirits. Any material or idea expressed in this Web site is directed only to adult consumers.

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