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Tawert is born at the beginning of the decade of the 90, with the purpose of to take place and to export wines taken place in the Valles Cordilleranos of Argentina and Chile toward the whole world.

With the work and the methods used in our daily task, the use of matters cousins of superior quality, the control and strict pursuit to the norms of quality, they have transformed us into the company of more growth during the last 10 years.

This way, with our establishments in Argentina -Bodega Cavas del Conde and in Chile -Valles Trasandinos S.A., we have spread a commercial net in the five continents, where we continue competing to arrive to a public every more demanding day, promoting the responsible and pleasant consumption of the wine.

Canada, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Germany, England, Angola, Sud Africa, China and Japan are some of the countries where our products are marketed at the moment.

Tawert S.A. provide information of its products for people qualified by its age to consume spirits. Any material or idea expressed in this Web site is directed only to adult consumers.

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